About us

Welcome to CF Media. With years of experience, you have the right partner in all terms of web business. With people from all over scandinavia, we try to reach our customers with state of the art measures, to maximize the benefit of user experience and sales.

If you are interested in working with us together, please have a look at our work and projects. And please feel free to contact us whenever it suites you best.

Our Work and Projects

We do every kind of web/internet marketing. Working with influencer, we hit the right vibe of the time. Also we steadily improve working with affiliate marketing. Our goal is to boost sales in every sector. Whatever project you are running: we have the know how and the right contacts. Let's get something going!

Please feel free to contact us whenever it suites you best.

Our Service for you

You are searching for a longterm partner? We know how to have the right workflow with every kind of teams. We provide a world wide service, with partners near your location. Please have a look at what we offer. Note, that some services will be individually created for you, since every project itself is unqiue.

Our services for you
Setting up web and affiliate systems
Project and company consulting
Creating long term marketing plans and strategies
Leading and coaching teams
Finding service partners that suite you best.
Content delivery networks and media buying
Finding social media contacts for your products or partners
Working hand to hand with influencer
Undercover or so called guerillia marketing
SEO/SEM Marketing and advertising
Finding investors for your project or idea
More sevices, individually for your products and plans
Please feel free to contact us whenever it suites you best.


We are a northern europe based company and our server time is:

14.04.2024 - 12:00:34

Please contact us and give us as much information as you have. All your information will be stored safe and we will contract a NDA between all working parties. Please be as specific as you can. We can shortly initiate a skype call to hear what you need! Thank you.